Manual Driving Lessons in Brisbane & Gold Coast

Here at EasyAs Driver Training Australia, we strive to push our students to guarantee they receive the most comprehensive and beneficial learning experience. We offer manual driving lessons throughout Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the surrounding areas and ensure you’re prepared for your driving test.

If you wish to obtain your manual license, but don’t have readily available access to a manual vehicle, rest assured that all of our vehicles are five star ANCAP rated and no older than four years. This is to ensure maximum safety throughout our driving lessons and offer a level of comfort that allows you to concentrate solely on learning.

Understand the fundamentals of driving a manual car

Our professional instructors are trained for up to four times longer than regular instructors and have had extensive experience in coaching individuals of various skill levels and age. Whether you have never sat behind the wheel of a car before, or are purely seeking some valuable pointers prior to going for your test, you can rest assured that our instructors will make you feel comfortable and at ease. We aim to provide an extensive training lesson which takes you through every aspect of handling a manual car. This is to ensure you’re able to learn at your own pace and understand exactly how the vehicle operates as you’re driving it.

Lessons with a positive atmosphere

We don’t believe in telling our students where they went wrong. We aim to address areas they can improve with suggestions and constructive feedback. Our manual lessons are always conducted with patience and consideration and aim to be fun as well as educational.

For those who have recently conducted their learners test, we encourage you to have a lesson with one of our professional instructors whilst all of the road safety knowledge is still fresh in your head. This will allow you to put what you’ve learn into practise and begin to transform the theory into useful experience.



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